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 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
My 7th annual Christmas song is "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus". There's a vocal intro that segues into a rockin' version of this Christmas standard. This year there is a special treat, 2 guest artists were double-tracked to create a brass section: the incomparable chromatic harmonica of James Reily and the fire-breathing saxophone of Bill Murphy. Hope you enjoy it! Please share with your friends!


 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Here is my 6th annual Christmas song. Hope you like it!


 Merry Christmas
Here is installment #5, my 5th annual Christmas song. This year I added a video too! Hope you like it. Please share it if you do. Happy Holidays everyone!


 All I Want For Christmas Is You
How quickly this year went by! Here's my rendition of All I Want For Christmas Is You, with a little surprise classic thrown in the middle. James Reily was able to find some time this year to help. James and I both did some bass, guitar, and percussion work. I did the voices and filled in the rest of the instruments and other sounds. Hope you enjoy it. Happy Holidays everyone!


 Last Christmas
Well, this year it's another solo effort. It was still a lot of fun to pull together. And, unlike last year, I managed to finish it before Christmas! On this little number I made a bunch of noise on synthesizers (yup, no guitars in this one), V-Drums (yikes! well, at least I used real drumsticks), and layered in some errant caterwauling. It sort of resembles an old '80s tune called Last Christmas. I hope you like it! Happy holidays everybody!


 Run Run Rudolph
All of my music buddies were busy gigging this year, which is good for them, but it means I had to pull this this one together by myself. It's an old Chuck Berry classic, Run Run Rudolph, which I have hacked to shreds and thrown in a few surprises. All voices and instruments by you know who. Hope you like it.


 Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
This year I started what I hope to make a new annual tradition: a Christmas song. The inaugural tune features the incomparable James Reily on guitar, harmonica, and "Rock" yells. Yours truly provided guitars, drums, vocals, glockenspiel, and various other noises. With apologies to Brenda Lee, here is our version of Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. Happy Holidays everybody!


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