Money's Alright

Words and Music by Matt Kramer and Steve Mansour

Hey people
won't you lend me your ears
I've got something to say
been building up for years

Some folks will tell you
money's not good stuff
but you know deep inside
that they can't get enough

Your friends might turn their backs on you
if the price is right
oh you say they won't
but you know they might for

Money, Money,
Money, Money,
Money, yes you know that Money's Alright

A paycheck, a handout
a loan from a friend
I don't care where it comes from
I need some to spend

I can't stay home much longer
and stare at these walls
I need money to spend
or do nothing at all

A date out on the town tonight
or a Broadway show
anything you do
every place you go takes

I believe the game of life
has an admission fee
my girl once said you don't need money,
that love's the key

You gotta be kiddin' me

Well, please correct me if I'm wrong
but I think I'm right
If you do it wrong
you can make it right with money

hey... I need it bad
I need it oh so bad
hey... you know what to bring
it can buy you anything