Last Laugh

Words and Music by Matt Kramer and Steve Mansour



I ain't  lookin'  . . . for a pat on the back
. . Don't wanna sound . . like (r)someone to brag
But I'm the stud(E-F#) of the football team
and I'm doin' 2 cheerleaders,
 . . . That's Becky and Jean

My teeth are shiny 'n straight
My Nikes are new
. . . You'll need my approval if you wanna be cool
Here comes Tommy Johnson, the geek of the school
Hey Tommy, looks like'ya' dropped your books again


What goes around comes back around
And It comes hard and fast (Solo)
You better pace ya'se-e-elf boy (E-D)
If you want the last laugh last

Verse 2

At night I party . . .  I'm workin' for the old man
. . . College can wait, I'm takin' care of the tan
My schedule's busy,  . . . with the girls I meet
At the high school games, (r)seems'll-never leave

My teeth are shiny(E-D) and(D) straight(D)
My Nikes(F#-E) are(D) new(D-B)
. . .You'll(F#) need(F#) my(E) a(D)pproval(F#) if(A) you(A) wanna(E) be(F#) cool(D-B)
What ever happened to Johnson, the geek of the school
What a loser, never see him anymore


Verse 3

Since my looks . . . are my best(F#) qua(E) li(D) ty(D-B)
I sent-some-pics to some-agents, . . so they can see
Then two months later . . .got a call(A) from(F#) a(E) guy(D-B)
. . . Eight AM sharp(talk) . . . remem(E)ber)D) your(D) lines(D-B)

(Finger snaps) My teeth are shiny and straight
My Nikes are new
You'll need my approval if you wanna be cool
When they get load of me . . . the public'll drool,
. . . Looks like no stoppin' me



Walk into the office and what do I see
It's Tommy Johnson (r)starin' back-at-me
I dropped my script  and said "what do you know?"
He said, "I see 'em come, I(A) see 'em (D)go".

Your teeth are shiny and straight
But I'll tell you the truth(E-F#)
I need a guy who can walk-the-dogs and shine all (F#)my(E) shoes(D-B)
And on weekends the help gets to swim in the pool
Now yo-o-o-u're  livin'in my-y-y world