Remember The Ride

Matt Kramer, Steve Mansour

Her lover pulls up, she hops in the car
The young pair go out for a ride
Their map isn’t clear, the couple gets lost
The waters begin to rise

And now they are lost in time

They swim their way out, they hop on the train
To get their own piece of the pie
They move their way up, but now have new dreams
How they want to live their lives

Before they get lost in time

Remember, enjoy the ride
Your never closer to paradise

Children are born, children grow up
Hoping that you've raised them right
They hop into cars of lover’s their own
heading into the tide

Beginning the journey of time

Where are we going, where have we been,
With husbands and children & wives
The circle of life has gotten so big
That now it appears a straight line
Riding into the sunset of time

Remember, enjoy the ride
You're never closer to paradise
Remember the ride