I Will Not Say I'm Sorry

Words and Music by Matt Kramer and Steve Mansour

You come in each morning, from out in the hallway
Bringing coffee with dreams to my desk
While pictures of children watch dad grow weaker
Trying to pass this test

I know you're not trying - to make me crazy
But I'm out my head over you
When I try to work, I find what I'm writing
Is always a letter to you

Have I lost my mind
Thinking 'bout you all the time
How I just want to hold you

I will not say I'm sorry
For what I feel inside
Let's not let-a one more minute of life
Pass us by

I try not care when you give me that smile
But oh how it floored me today
And when you put your hand on the back of my shoulder
All my resolve melts away

And, lately I've noticed the little things
Like-when-you-change the style of your hair
And lately I've noticed the smell of your perfume
Even when you're not there

��� You made good choices long ago
I know it, but I still want her

��� It's time to let this feeling go
But, how can I live without her��������
��� Live without her
No, No, No