Heart To Line

Words and Music by Matt Kramer and Steve Mansour

Verse 1

I feel dizzy when
you get near me
my head starts to spin
whenever I see you

When you look at me
I get this feeling
just your glance can send
me through the ceiling


Tonight’s the night I'monna call you on the telephone
to say the things I could never ever alone


Heart to line, t'say what's on my mind
and you'll know that I'm speaking heart to line

Verse 2

When I start to say
what I am thinking
I faint dead away
when I am speaking to you

Doctor says that it's
not that uncommon
men are prone to fits
when they are fallin'




I just can't seem to tell you
the words keep slippin' through my mind
but hurry on home be sure you're alone tonight
I'll call you up on the telephone line