Can't Complain

Words and Music by Matt Kramer and Steve Mansour

It happens two feet from the ground
I catch me feelin' down
before I look around

And though I say it only now and again
in you I have a valued friend
you'd see me through the end

And anytime I begin feeling pain
I know I can't complain
no I can't complain

At times you pull me from my cloud
make me think aloud
push me through the crowd

And deep inside I wish you well
sometimes it's hard to tell
I know it's hard to tell

But anytime you begin feeling pain
you know you can't complain
no you can't complain

Tell me, will you tell me what's to think
will you tell me what's to do
and I'll believe in you

Tell me, will you tell me where from here
you know it's all so clear
you know it's me and you
me and you