Cute Little Lesbians

Words and music by Matt Kramer and Steve Mansour

You got me down on my knees
You got me climbing the trees
Bangin’ the drum
For cute little lesbians

Some boys are so scared they run
Ohhh ohhh, but to me
It’s not worth it to mention
Ohh, Ohh
She’s smilin’ like Elvis, when she sees that hot little girl go by
Waggin’ her pelvis, Just like a guy

These girls just wanna’ have fun,
But I think I’m fallin’ in love,
Yeah, They drive me wild
Cute Little Lesbians
Cute little lesbians

Most girls just don’t have the stuff
Ohhh ohhh
To play the part of the femme fe tough
She wonders sometimes, what it is like, to have what I have, and have it all night
To flash it, and wield it, admire it and feel it & plunge it like a knife

And if she wants to include
A friend, well, I won’t refuse
I'll have more than one,
Cute little lesbian

Cute, cute, cute, Little Lesbians
Cute, cute, cute, Little Lesbians

I’ll never ask of you to change your ways
You know I’ll love you ‘til the end of days
I’ll be right here when others run, run, run
Count on me to always come, come, come, come

So, why don’t you throw
Ohh, ohh
A little look my way
You might even like it
What’s gettin’ in our way

‘Cause I know you girl, I know how you think,
that man’s at his best when he’s fixin’ your sink
But, who better to covet your gender and love it,
and protect you while you sleep

You’ve got me down on my knees,
You got me climbin’ the trees,
Bangin’ the drum,
For cute little lesbians

Just me and you and your little girlfriend
Me and you and your little girlfriend
Me and you and your little girlfriend too